Homemade Sprinkles

Hello everyone, Tega here.

Happy new year and welcome to the year 2020, and I hope you all are having a fabulous one.

I’m going to go straight into how i made my homemade sprinkles , I first saw this from the Barefoot Baker.

First i started off with medium consistency of RI in white and red colours, mind you this was left over RI from my Christmas  Cookie orders, and forgiveme, my parchment (baking) paper is looking all rumpled, you will understand why in a moment.

I just simlpy made straight lines on the baking paper , alternating colours as  I go along. Continue until baking paper is filled.

Leave this to dry over night.

When Icing is dry, i squeezed the baking paper into a ball, thereby breaking the icing into little sprinkles

Some icing where still long, I just broke them with my fingers. And that my friend is all, easy right?

Transfer your sprinkles into a contanier .

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