Starting A Cookie Business

Peppa Pig Cookies

Starting A Cookie Business

In starting a customized Cookie business , one has to have the passion , if you don’t, you can’t succeed in the cookie business. Here is a list, more like must have items in starting a cookie business:

  1. Oven
  2. Mixer ( you can start off with a hand mixer, that’s what i started with) 
  3. Rolling pin
  4. Cutters in various shapes
  5. Pipping bags
  6. Couplers and tips
  7. Scribe tool ( toothpick will work fine)
  8. Baking trays

Starting small is the way to go,  you have to start somewhere to become good at what you do. Practice , practice, practice is key if you want to succeed.

There are different laws for different countries/ state of the world that are put in place before one can run a cookie buiness especially from home. Other countries don’t have those laws, so its always best you check in whatever state that you are before operating a home business.

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